Complaints / Grievences

You, your family, or significant other may voice complaints without fear, if you feel your rights have been violated. Ridgeview has a formal complaint and grievance process which allows you to initiate a complaint about the substance or application of written or unwritten rules or policies of the facilities; the lack of rules or policies concerning a matter affecting you; any decision or action directed toward you by an employee of the facility; or fees which you feel are questionable.

The written procedure for handling complaint/grievances consists of notifying a Ridgeview staff member who will inform your advocate. The advocate will coordinate an investigation and resolution of your issue(s). If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may appeal the decision to the Director of Quality Management at 865-482-1076. If you continue to be dissatisfied with the resolution, you may appeal any complaint/grievance to Chief Executive Officer at Ridgeview at 865-482-1076 and/or the Tennessee Department of Health Appeals at 1-800-560-5767.