The Substance-abuse Treatment Outpatient Program (S.T.O.P) is an outpatient alcohol and drug tele-treatment program serving clients in Anderson, Campbell, Morgan, Roane, and Scott counties. The program is a community based non-residential service. The S.T.O.P program provides services to clients with alcohol and drug issues or co-occurring (alcohol/drug and mental illness) issues. The program is open to all residents in Anderson, Campbell, Morgan, Roane, and Scott counties who have no other financial means of obtaining alcohol and drug use and abuse or co-occurring treatment. Clients with co-occurring needs will have access to mental health services in addition to the S.T.O.P alcohol and drug services, which may include MD and aftercare/medication management, individual therapy, and mental health case management. All program services are provided by a highly skilled team of multi-disciplinary professionals. All S.T.O.P program clients must be 18 years of age or older and have either an alcohol and drug diagnosis or a co-occurring (A/D/mental health) diagnosis.

For more information regarding the S.T.O.P program, contact Richard Chirip LSW at 865-482-1076 ext 1202.

The S.T.O.P Program is a grant sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services – Office of Addictions Treatment and Recovery Services.