Outpatient Therapy

Often issues will not simply go away, so it becomes necessary to enlist the help of a professional to get better. Ridgeview provides comprehensive therapy (counseling) services for individuals, couples and families at each of its locations. Group therapy is also offered for selected populations and age groups. Highly trained and caring professionals that include psychologists, social workers and professional counselors provide these support services to clients of all ages.

For an initial face to face screening with a counselor to determine individual needs, call

(865) 482-1076.

Medication Management / Aftercare Program

Often medications are recommended to help deal with the symptoms of mental illness. The psychiatrist, nurse practitioner and nurse work collaboratively to assure that the client is guided through the process which often includes education about the risks and benefits of medications, importance of nutrition and exercise, and ways to prevent negative interactions from medications. Visits are geared toward assisting the client toward a stronger understanding of the medications and why it is important to continue them.

For an initial face to face screening with a counselor to determine individual needs, call

(865) 482-1076.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Ridgeview's substance abuse care is offered in an office setting and is the least restrictive level of care for a substance abuse treatment need. It is generally used as a step down program from a more intense level of care such as intensive outpatient or residential, and certainly after the physical withdrawals have been addressed. The program offers assessment and treatment for adults who are abusing or dependent upon alcohol or other drugs and are looking for ways to reduce the risks associated with their use. The service strives to provide individuals with the skills they need to maintain sobriety. For those needing residential treatment, methadone treatment, detoxification, or more intensive outpatient services, Ridgeview intake clinicians will make referrals to connect the chemically dependent adult to the level of care that they require.

Ridgeview’s mission includes the commitment to provide integrated mental health and alcohol & drug treatment services for individuals with co-occurring disorders. We recognize that people often struggle with both substance abuse/use and mental health conditions; and that these
co-occurring disorders require specialized treatment approaches. Ridgeview offers an array of programs with highly trained clinicians who are prepared to diagnosis and treat the unique needs of individuals with co-occurring disorders.

For an initial face to face screening with a counselor to determine individual needs, call

(865) 482-1076.


Ridgeview offers a number of different assessment services directed toward service coordination and, if necessary, crisis intervention. Intake assessments are given at the very first visit for every client to determine what services are needed to start and to assure that the client meets the eligibility standards. Intakes start the process of recovery and are given in a person centered, self-determined manner where the client is treated with dignity and respect in developing an initial treatment plan. At times, there is a need for additional services outside of Ridgeview and the Intake Clinician will make referrals outside of Ridgeview for these services. In-depth comprehensive psychological evaluations which include the administration of a psychological evaluation may take several hours, or even several days, depending on the problems being assessed and the reason for the assessment.

For an initial face to face screening with a counselor to determine individual needs, call

(865) 482-1076.

Crisis Services

The Mobile Crisis Team responds to calls and referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services are directed toward eliminating the impact of unexpected events on a person's well-being. These interventions can happen in the home, in the hospital, even in jails in terms of meeting the clients where there is a severe mental health need such as being suicidal or homicidal, or so impaired that there are safety concerns. The goal is to provide emergency assessments and to assure that the client is referred to a setting that is the least restrictive environment possible to manage the person's needs. If the situation is deemed a non-emergency situation, then the team will also be a resource for the caller toward alternative options available. The team can be reached any time of the day at 865-481-6175 or 1-800-870-5481

Telemedicine Services

Ridgeview is a pioneer in the implementation of the telemedicine program in answering crisis concerns. We were the first in the state of Tennessee and one of the few in the nation to offer emergency assessments via confidential web conferencing equipment. The benefit of this program is the quick turnaround for crisis intervention for emergency rooms and hospital areas in Oneida, and LaFollete, Tennessee, whereas before this program drive time caused the client unnecessary delays for hours. This technology opens up new avenues for Ridgeview in terms of increased access and timelines of services for area nursing homes, primary care offices and detention facilities. Ridgeview has also begun using this technology in a way that allows the client access into care in more remote areas.
In 2011, Ridgeview began serving Morgan County residents by partnering with the Morgan County Medical Center and joining care in the same setting where the medical care was provided. Face to face therapy services as well as medication management services via telemedicine is available for the clients who historically were without any area mental health or substance abuse support.
For an initial face to face screening with a counselor to determine individual needs, call (865) 482-1076

Forensic Services

The Forensic Services program provides court-ordered evaluations for adult and juvenile defendants in our five county area (Anderson, Campbell, Morgan, Roane, and Scott counties). A state-certified forensic psychologist conducts the evaluations to determine the defendant's competency to stand trial and/or mental condition at the time of the alleged offense. Additional mental health assessments, including IQ testing, malingering assessments, and dementia screenings, are conducted as needed to assist in the determination of the defendant's competency to stand trial. Defendants with a diagnosis of Mental Retardation may be referred to a state mental retardation specialist for further evaluation. Juvenile forensic evaluations address not only issues of competency to stand trial and mental condition at the time of the alleged offense, but also provide extensive treatment recommendations and appropriate treatment referrals. If any of the questions posed by the court order cannot be determined through the outpatient forensic evaluation, a recommendation for referral for inpatient evaluation is made to the court.

Court representatives needing to fax court orders, use fax # 865-882-8650

Criminal Justice / IMPACT Program

The IMPACT (Illness Management Program of Anderson County, Tennessee) program is specific to Anderson County, TN. It is funded by a Recovery Act grant through the Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs. Services are provided at all levels of the criminal justice process from arrest to probation. These services include early identification, diversion, continuity of care while incarcerated, consultation with the courts regarding course of action, discharge planning, outcome monitoring and mental health training and education.
In addition, Criminal Justice Liaison staff are covering very similar needs for 7 counties including Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Roane, Scott, and Union County, TN. These staff are coordinating the two systems of Mental Health and Criminal Justice together in efforts to help the mentally ill.

For an initial face to face screening with a counselor to determine individual needs, call (865) 482-1076

Mothers and Infants Sober Together (MIST) Program

The Mothers and Infants Sober Together (MIST) program is developed to support and serve Anderson/Roane County drug exposed infants and their families with integrated physical and mental health care. The staff works as a team with the new mother in an effort to help create a stable, drug-free environment for the infant/family and to provide skills and knowledge toward optimized positive parenting. The program's team consists of two case managers and a licensed social worker who will conduct substance abuse and mental health assessments through home visits, individual therapy sessions, collateral contacts and weekly support groups held at Ridgeview. We aim to improve the quality of life and daily functioning of drug-exposed infants and families.

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For an initial face to face screening with a counselor to determine individual needs, call:
(865) 482-1076