Telemedicine Services

Ridgeview is a pioneer in the implementation of the telemedicine program in answering crisis concerns. We were the first in the state of Tennessee and one of the few in the nation to offer emergency assessments via confidential web conferencing equipment. The benefit of this program is the quick turnaround for crisis intervention for emergency rooms and hospital areas in Oneida, and LaFollette, Tennessee, whereas before this program drive time caused the client unnecessary delays for hours. This technology opens up new avenues for Ridgeview in terms of increased access and timeliness of services for area nursing homes, primary care offices, and detention facilities. Ridgeview has also begun using this technology in a way that allows the client access to care in more remote areas.

In 2011, Ridgeview began serving Morgan County residents by partnering with the Morgan County Medical Center and joining care in the same setting where the medical care was provided. Face to face therapy services as well as medication management services via telemedicine is available for the clients who historically were without any area mental health or substance abuse support.

For an initial face to face screening with a counselor to determine individual needs, call (865) 482-1076.