Child and Youth Services

Mental health Services

Our psychiatric nurse and board certified child psychiatrist meet weekly in our treatment team, along with a Ph.D. psychologist / licensed professional examiner, licensed master's level therapists, certified master's level social workers, case managers, and others as needed to review and develop treatment plans for the youth in our programs. Our clinical staff provide mental health screenings and provide referrals and linkage for other serves as needed.

Project B.A.S.I.C

Project B.A.S.I.C is a school-based program funded by the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities to address mental health education, prevention and early intervention; teacher and parent consultation; and school climate enhancement. The program serves children in kindergarten through third grade at Claxton Elementary School in Anderson County. Ridgeview provides a child development specialist who works onsite, at no cost to the school, except for providing office space.

Case Management

Children and Youth Case Management is a voluntary partnership between the child, the parents and the case manager designed to improve the child's social, educational, emotional and behavioral situations. This service provides advocacy, referral, linkage and direct support to the families we serve. Case managers provide services within the natural environment of the child and family, including home, school, and community. Case Management services build upon the strengths of each family in an effort to empower the child and the family to achieve their stated goals. Case Managers teach new coping skills, assist in the development of behavior management plans and provide a crucial link between families, schools and other community agencies in an effort to assure mental health stability for children.

Respite Services - Respite Rocks

The Respite Rocks program is a planned family respite program for families with children ages 2 through 17 who exhibit challenging behavior resulting from emotional disturbance or a dual diagnosis of mental retardation and behavior disorder. Ridgeview provides respite services in Knox and Anderson counties. Services are provided within the family's own home, neighborhood, and community. The respite consultant works with parents to develop a respite plan, to train the parent in methods of obtaining respite, and to provide some direct home or community-based respite. The program objective is to enable the family to develop ongoing respite resources.

School-Based High Risk Groups

Amazing Discovery is a school-based prevention program for youth at high risk for developing alcohol and/or drug problems. This program is currently serving middle and high schools in Anderson, Roane, Morgan, Scott and Campbell counties. Our licensed alcohol/drug counselors and certified prevention specialists provide weekly groups in the schools focusing on improving life skills in various areas such as problem solving, peer pressure, communication, decision making, anger management, conflict resolution, and alcohol/drug education. These groups utilize the evidence based curriculum Too Good For Drugs and experiential, adventure-based activities. Amazing Discoveries is funded through the TN Prevention Network.

For more information about the Children and Youth Programs at Ridgeview, please contact Amy Olson, LCSW, Children and Youth services Director at (865) 482-1076 or e-mail