Our Mission

Ridgeview is committed to providing high-quality behavioral health services through prevention, treatment of mental illness & substance abuse, and support to improve the overall health, well-being, recovery, and hope of the people we serve. Ridgeview's services reflect the values to which the agency is committed.


 "Where life's complexities are met with hope"

About Ridgeview

Ridgeview is a private, not-for-profit community mental health center based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Since its inception in 1957, Ridgeview has expanded services to over 23 sites in a five-county geographic area, including Anderson, Campbell, Morgan, Roane, and Scott counties.

Ridgeview’s range of programs and services provides individualized care for adults, children, and youth. Services are provided by highly trained and caring professionals that include psychiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses, social workers, licensed therapists, substance abuse counselors, and care coordinators. Multidisciplinary teams plan and provide comprehensive treatment to improve the quality of life of people we serve.

Acute psychiatric inpatient services for adults are provided at Ridgeview’s Joint Commission Accredited Anderson County facility, located at 240 W. Tyrone Road, in Oak Ridge.


Ridgeview’s culture is committed to the following values:


Ridgeview values honesty and having strong principles that guide the policy, programming, and practice of serving our clients/consumers.


Ridgeview values a high level of excellence in all that we do and is rigorous in the pursuit of quality improvement.


Ridgeview believes that positive good happens and the power of modeling this belief in our interactions with one another and to those we serve.


Ridgeview values the attitude of goodwill and relates to a shared sense of humanity viewing others' distress and needs together with a desire to alleviate it.


Ridgeview values meeting people where they are through a welcoming, positive posture and it is a place where staff willingly receives those who seek help.


Ridgeview values the attitude of being eager to act or work to advance the health and well-being of those we serve.


Ridgeview values and promotes the agility required for new ideas, technology, and methods to advance and strengthen the care, health, and well-being of those we serve.


Ridgeview values working in a collaborative manner with co-workers as well as with our numerous community partners with each contributing essential parts to comprise the whole for the betterment of those we serve.


Ridgeview values the practice of protecting staff and client from exposure to danger or risk and implements procedures that promote both emotional and physical safety to all.

Guiding Service Philosophy

  1. Serve in a welcoming, hopeful, compassionate, and non-discriminatory manner.
  2. Accept and care for all regardless of ability to pay.
  3. Continually improve care by providing a safe environment and a system-wide quality assurance performance improvement program.
  4. Develop and enhance comprehensive services through partnerships, and coordination with community stakeholders.
  5. Rigorously evaluate the ever-changing demands of health care and social (service) welfare reform to determine the most cost-effective, innovative, and thoughtful programming response to the emerging trends and needs of the community.
  6. Provide education and support to our clients and their families in order to enhance treatment outcomes and maximize the principles of recovery.
  7. Provide education to communities we serve to raise awareness of behavioral health conditions; promoting prevention, wellness and the reduction of social stigma.
  8. Advocate for the overall improvement of behavioral health services at the local, regional, state, and national level.
  9. Development and growth strategies shall be aligned with our Values and Mission, while marketing, public relations, fundraising, and event planning will honor and dignify our clients, our staff, and the community.
  10. Explore and pursue grants/other funding opportunities and collaborations that support our Mission.
  11. Assure financial resources are managed in an efficient & effective manner in order to guarantee program soundness and financial stability.
  12. Recruit, develop and retain high-quality staff.