Inpatient and/or *Residential Rights

  • To be interviewed and examined in surroundings to assure reasonable visual and auditory privacy.
  • To have a person of the same gender present during physical exams.
  • To have free use of common areas, private phone conversations (unless contradictory to your treatment plan), and safe and secure areas for personal possessions.*
  • To have visitors within the limit of your treatment plan.* (children under 12 restricted from Inpatient Unit)
  • To send personal mail, unopened, and receive mail which may be opened in presence of staff.*
  • To be free from seclusion/restraint, unless used as a last resort to protect you or others from injury.
  • To participate or refuse to participate in cultural, educational, religious, community services, and vocational/recreational activity, if offered and appropriate.*
  • To be informed about emergency policies/procedures and program rules.*
  • To share a room with your spouse or have privacy for visits.