Suicide Prevention and Response

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If you or a loved one is struggling with suicidal feelings, we are here to talk and listen. Don’t wait. Contact our 24-hour crisis line now.

Everyone Deserves to Live.

Everyone, regardless of circumstances, deserves to live a happy, productive life. Sometimes things just get in the way. Life can often be complicated and plagued by troubles. Sometimes it can feel as if we are unloved or unwanted. It’s important to know that NOTHING is hopeless.

Warning Signs:

Be aware of the warning signs of suicide risks. Some behavioral changes may be warning signs that someone is at risk of a suicide attempt. These include:

Quick to anger
Rapid weight gain or loss
Substance abuse
Social withdrawal
Ideation or desire for death
Feelings of worthlessness

This is not an exhaustive list. If you witness or are experiencing these risk factors, contact a professional.

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Take Back Your Life

Even if you’re not in an emergency state currently, if you are experiencing some of the warning signs that lead to a risk of suicide, don’t wait. Seek help.

Our caring, hope-filled team of mental health professionals are dedicated to helping individuals, regardless of their situation or ability to pay.

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Are you concerned for yourself or others? Options are available depending on the severity of the situation.

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A local 24/7 help line to help de-escalate the situation and offer further options.


Our walk-in clinic is available weekdays 9am to 9pm.
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