Behavioral Health Safety Net Funding Assistance from the state of Tennessee

Ridgeview is a recipient of indigent funding from the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS).  This is the Behavioral Health Safety Net funding which aims at providing essential outpatient mental health services to uninsured Tennesseans who meet program eligibility criteria.    This funding caters to both adult and children population.

There are two main components of eligibility for this funding assistance:

Safety Net funding for children population, income limit is not a factor for eligibility.

For any questions on the services we render under this program, please contact our Client Services Department.

By telephone:              (865) 482-1076

Monday to Friday between 8 am – 5pm  Standard Eastern Time

By Email:            

By US Mail:                  240 West Tyrone Road, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830