Charge Information & Price Transparency

Ridgeview Behavioral Health Services (Ridgeview) is committed to helping consumers understand health care costs. As of January 1, 2021, CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) requires that hospitals post a list of their standard charges and display of select shoppable services online.  The charges and shoppable services represent those for inpatient and outpatient hospital, and hospital-employed physician provided items and services.

The standard charge file includes both the standard (gross) charge, the negotiated rate for contracted payers and the cash pay rate for consumers without insurance coverage, or that qualify for financial assistance, and the minimum and maximum negotiated rates across payers. Payers, such as Medicare and Medicaid, where rates can be found publicly online, are not included.  Grant-funded fee-for-service rates where rates are established by the grantor are also not included.

Ridgeview Psychiatric Hospital Standard Charges

The shoppable services display includes select items and services identified by CMS for comparison, as well as remaining select items and services at Ridgeview’s discretion. In total, CMS has required that hospitals display a total of 300 shoppable services. However, given Ridgeview’s niche services and care delivery model, shoppable services are limited. The display provides for the payer negotiated rate, cash pay rate, and minimum and maximum negotiated rate across payers.

Ridgeview Psychiatric Hospital Shoppable Services

The gross charge and negotiated rates do not necessarily represent the consumers true out of pocket costs. The items and service needs can vary by consumer and other variables, including total length of stay. Consumer coverage, benefits and cost-sharing also can vary greatly.

Ridgeview provides financial counseling to better understand the individual consumer needs and estimate of individual consumer out of pockets expenses. Financial counselors can be reached by submitting a request through the Chat Now feature on the homepage of the website - this feature will allow you to submit your request when Chat Now is online or offline. Your message will be directed to someone in our Business Office, who will be in contact with you the following business day. Additional information on our financial assistance policy can be found at Financial Assistance..

For more information on CMS’ hospital price transparency requirements, consumers can visit the CMS website at