Ridgeview's Adventure Challenge

Ridgeview's Adventure Challenge Course uses experienced-based team initiatives and simulations to genuinely engage and 'challenge' your group to improve team dynamics while having a great deal of fun.

Our challenge program reflects the philosophy that "we learn best through experience." Our programs are energetic and offer a unique sense of safety and support helping people to become involved in their learning and to manage change and challenges successfully.

Using experienced trained facilitators, our programs are customized to address: team-building, jump-starting new groups, interventions, improving communication, leadership skills, change management, conflict resolution, building trust, and creative problem-solving.

Ridgeview's Adventure Challenge course works with groups of 10-21 in size. Designed to include everybody, the activities inspire participants to 'let go' and change how they relate to each other. The physical and team dynamic demands are tailored to your group and are always an 'appropriate level of difficulty.

The Key to Our Success has been our creative ability to tailor all programs specifically to meet the participants' goals. The intent of this information is to give you an idea of the types of programs we offer, not to define the limits of our imagination.

For more information, please contact Amy Olson at 865-482-1076.