Criminal Justice Services Program

The Criminal Justice Services Program provides  assistance at all levels of the criminal justice process from arrest to probation. These services include early identification, diversion, continuity of care while incarcerated, consultation with the courts regarding a course of action, discharge planning, outcome monitoring and mental health training and education. The program consists of several separate federal and state grant funded programs including: TDMHSAS Criminal Justice Mental Health Liaison Program, Ridgeview Reentry Services, and U.S. Probation Mental Health Services. This program also oversees the Crisis Intervention Team programming.

Criminal Justice Mental Health Liaison staff cover the following 7 counties: Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Roane, Scott, and Union County, TN. These staffs coordinate Mental Health/Substance Abuse services and Criminal Justice systems to improve the outcomes for people with mental illness/Substance abuse disorders as well as the community as a whole.

For an initial face-to-face screening with a counselor to determine individual needs, call (865) 482-1076.