Inpatient Services

Sometimes a more intensive level of treatment is needed to ensure safety and stabilization for the individual in crisis. Ridgeview inpatient services offer help and hope for this individual through our specialized inpatient services.

Overview of Program

Our 16-bed inpatient unit is located in Oak Ridge and provides comprehensive assessment and crisis stabilization for adults experiencing an acute episode of mental illness or co-occurring disorders. The foremost goal of inpatient services is to protect and stabilize the individual in crisis within a safe, structured environment.

Who we treat

Inpatient services are available to adults ages 18 or older who require intensive treatment for psychiatric or co-occurring (mental health and substance use disorders) conditions. We are able to treat both voluntary admissions as well as those persons requiring emergency involuntary commitment.

Our Treatment Team

Led by a psychiatrist, our interdisciplinary team includes psychiatric nurses, social workers, activity therapists, clinical pharmacist, and psychiatric technicians.

Individualized Patient-Centered Care

Our treatment team works with each patient to develop an individualized plan of care incorporating that person’s strengths and goals for treatment, recovery, and wellness.

Treatment Components

Services include psychiatric assessment and evaluation/medication management, social work services including individual and family interventions and aftercare/discharge planning, educational and therapeutic groups, and 24-hour Registered Nursing care.

Coordination of Care

The inpatient team coordinates closely with outpatient providers, family, and community services to ensure a smooth transition of care.

Referrals for Admission

Referrals for admission are accepted 24 hours daily by calling 1-800-870-5481.

For more information about inpatient services, please contact Sharon Young, RN-BC, Director of Inpatient Services, at (865) 482-1076 Ext. 1128 or direct (865) 276-3857.