Substance-abuse Treatment Outpatient Program (STOP)

Ridgeview's substance abuse care is offered in an office setting and is the least restrictive level of care for a substance abuse treatment need. It is generally used as a step-down program from a more intense level of care such as intensive outpatient or residential, and certainly after the physical withdrawals have been addressed. STOP offers assessment and treatment for adults who are abusing or dependent upon alcohol or other drugs and are looking for ways to reduce the risks associated with their use. The service strives to provide individuals with the skills they need to maintain sobriety. For those needing residential treatment, methadone treatment, detoxification, or more intensive outpatient services, Ridgeview intake clinicians will make referrals to connect the chemically dependent adult to the level of care that they require.

Ridgeview’s mission includes the commitment to provide integrated mental health and alcohol & drug treatment services for individuals with co-occurring disorders. We recognize that people often struggle with both substance abuse/use and mental health conditions; and that these co-occurring disorders require specialized treatment approaches. Ridgeview offers an array of programs with highly trained clinicians who are prepared to diagnose and treat the unique needs of individuals with co-occurring disorders.

For an initial face to face screening with a counselor to determine individual needs, call (865) 482-1076.