STAR (Students Together Advancing Resilience)

A school-based behavioral health integration model provided by Ridgeview

The purpose of the STAR program is to provide therapeutic services to students and their families within the school setting. The Master’s level therapists work collaboratively with school employees to best serve the emotional and behavioral health needs of the students. All children and their families will receive an extensive evaluation to ensure individualized treatment and to encourage family participation. STAR offers individual and family treatment designed to help children and their families learn healthier ways of interacting with each other and to promote overall well-being.

Determining Eligibility

Students are identified by school staff in consultation with the parent and school counselors. TennCare and commercial insurance holders are eligible to receive STAR services.

Helping Families

1) Services offered include a comprehensive mental health assessment; individual & family therapy; psychiatric evaluation & medication management; and linkage to case management services for those insured by TennCare.

2) Our services build on the strengths of each family in order to meet their specific goals. The service is goal-directed and is completed when the goals set out by the family are met and their situation is improved.

Goals and Outcomes

Our services are designed to improve the child’s emotional, behavioral, and educational situations through therapy utilizing evidence-based interventions. Our therapists work together with teachers, school staff, and families to assure the child’s success. The following targeted outcomes for the STAR Program include: increase in student attendance and academic performance; increase in student and parent satisfaction; reduction in student suspensions and disciplinary referrals; reduction in incidents of aggression and mental health crises; and obtain grade advancement.

Fees for STAR are based on the cost of providing services and is covered by TennCare and most commercial insurance plans (copays will apply). Each student will work towards the achievement of the following universal goals: develop stress management and coping skills; develop and present appropriate means to emotional expression; improve decision-making skills; improve interpersonal interaction skills; and utilize developmentally appropriate school and community resources.

STAR Locations

  • Willow Brook Elementary School, Oak Ridge
  • Robertsville Middle School, Oak Ridge
  • Oak Ridge High School, Oak Ridge
  • Secret City Academy, Oak Ridge
  • Jefferson Middle School, Oak Ridge
  • Glenwood Elementary School, Oak Ridge
  • Woodland Elementary School, Oak Ridge
  • Linden Elementary School, Oak Ridge
  • Oneida Elementary, Middle, and High School, Oneida
  • Sunbright K-12, Sunbright
  • Central Elementary School, Wartburg
  • Central High School, Wartburg
  • Clinton Elementary School, Clinton
  • South Clinton Elementary School, Clinton
  • North Clinton Elementary School, Clinton

Further Information

Please contact Amy Olson: 865-482-1076.