Family Support Services

Counseling and education to promote more resilient, healthier families.

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Lifting Each Other Up

Often the ones we love have the greatest opportunity to promote our health. The best ways to support our loved ones isn’t always clear. If you or a member of your family is struggling with substance use, a mental illness, or other challenges, our family counseling services can equip you and your family with the tools to provide better support and a cohesive and family-centered environment.

Who Should Seek Help

There are many reasons and conditions to seek family support services. Some include:

Patients whose families can help with recovery
Spouses and couples who have grown apart and are in conflict.
Mothers with
drug-exposed infants
Families with children who have challenging behavioral issues
Families seeking temporary respite care

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Relevant Programs

Regardless of your individual addiction, mental state, or lifestyle, we work continually to develop innovative programs that meet our neighbors and patients where they are. While the best way to determine your plan of care is to meet first with a provider, more information about Ridgeview’s substance abuse treatment programs can be found below.

Marriage/Couples Counseling, and Family Therapy

To build better harmony with the ones we love.
Learn more.

Mothers With Drug-Exposed Infants

Counseling to create a stable, drug-free environment for mothers and their children. Learn more.

Family Interventions

Individual and family interventions and aftercare/discharge planning. Learn more.

Health Promotion

Counseling for families of a patient to promote better behavioral, mental, and physical health. Learn more.

Therapy for Children

School-based treatment for children with behavioral challenges. Includes individual and family therapy. Learn more.

Respite Services

Family respite program for parents aged 2 to 17 who exhibit challenging behavioral issues, or present developmental disabilities. Learn more.

What to Expect:

1.Evaluation: Start with a walk-in or scheduled appointment. A clinician will meet with you and evaluate your needs.

2.Plan of Care: Together with the clinician, you will design a plan that fits your needs and family environment.

3.Finding Hope: By following the plan and with the support of your family you will be on the road to recovery and wellness.